Annual Boiler Services

Annual Boiler Services

It is recommended that all boilers have an annual service to help keep the boiler running smoothly, just like you would do your car.

Your gas boiler is an essential part of your home. You rely on it for heating and your hot water. Carrying out an annual inspection on your boiler will help to ensure it runs smoothly throughout the year, in addition having your boiler serviced annually may help to reduce the risk of a breakdown, and also help to prolong the life of your boiler.

Many boiler warranties also require evidence of an annual Boiler Service or they become invalid. Once serviced we will email you through the Service record direct to you and the following year we will also send you through a reminder that the service is due, making sure you do not forget and potentially lose the warranty.

We offer a Standard or a Deluxe Boiler Service, our Deluxe Service includes a Plate Heat Exchanger descale, please see our Energy Saving Tips page for further information.

What is included in a Standard Trinity Heating Solutions Boiler Service:

  • A full inspection of the entire chimney structure, inspection and where necessary, cleaning of the burner, combustion chamber, any injectors and heat exchanger, inspection of ignition devices i.e. pilot lights and/or spark and flame sensing electrodes.
  • Checking the integrity of all seals and gaskets.
  • Ensure that any condensate traps and drains are free from debris.
  • Testing the appliance in accordance with manufacturer's instruction to ensure the heat input and/or operating pressure are correct, the effectiveness of the flue, that all ventilation requirements are to current standards, the correct operation of all safety devices and that the boiler is safe for continuous use.
  • A final combustion analysis and measurement against tolerances set by the manufacturer's instructions.
  • A test of all disturbed gas connections, carry out functional testing of heating and hot water.
  • A visual inspection of any other encountered gas appliances, written notification of any gas safety defect which may affect the safe operation of your appliances.
  • An assessment of your current heating controls and best practice advice regarding energy efficiency.