Energy Saving Tips



Wednesday 1st July 2020

All new boiler installations must have one of these fitted. If your installer has not fitted you one or you chose to opt out, then think again.

Modern boilers are super efficient because they use thin superconducting metals. The problem is that the passageways within these boilers can easily become blocked with debris (magnetite) from your old central heating pipework and radiators.

Most people forget that the pipework in your house was installed over 40 years ago, 40 years worth of corrosion, rust circulating around your system.

You spend £££ on a nice new boiler and then contaminate it with 40-year-old filthy central heating water!

Honest Advice time: If your boiler is old, do not waste your money

If however, you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Radiators are cold at the bottom and hot at the top
  • Modern Boiler Sounds like a kettle
  • Boiler takes forever to heat up the house
  • Boiler not staying on long enough

Then you are most probably need to address the dirt in your system.

Low-cost/short-term solution: Add a filter

Medium-cost 5-8 year solution: Add a filter and have your system Powerflushed, have new central heating pipework installed.

High-cost long term solution 10+ years: Install new Boiler and new central heating Pipework, no need for a flush.